Friday, April 08, 2011


Whew! The last two weeks have been so exciting and I could hardly wait to share what happened with all my adoring fans. I will try to post frequently to update you all the wonderful activities, especially about Qaptain Qwerty's visit to St. Louis. Go to QQ's blog at if you wish to read all about QQ's preparation for running the St. Louis Marathon on Sunday, April 10th. Let's catch-up on what have taken place since Friday, April 8th. Friday, April 8th - "Da Qaptain" was scheduled to arrive at St. Louis Airport around 1:50 p.m. and I was ready to greet him with the above sign. I told many people in the waiting area for arriving passengers that "my brother is coming to visit me and to run the Marathon on Sunday." QQ was tired and hungry when he arrived. I brought along a bag of goodies that included a banana, a tuna sandwich and a few cookies. We decided to take our time, got drinks, shared the sandwich and an onion bagel with cream cheese for QQ, at a coffee shop at the airport.
As I drove QQ from the airport to Chaifetz Arena at Saint Louis University to pick up his bib number, I thought of the letter QQ wrote to me in 1989. In the letter, QQ reminded me of the time when we zigzag thru the streets in Woodhaven, Queens so I could practice driving before moving to Michigan. QQ encouraged me to be steady and not be intimidated as other drivers zooming by.
After picking up the bib number and registration packet, we spent time walking around the exhibit area. My husband left work early and we had time to relax before going out to dinner. We planned to get up early the next morning to go for a walk.
QQ with his running shirt and bib #2574 - ready for the Marathon!

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