Monday, April 18, 2011


When I saw this scuplture, I thought of my nephew JL collecting pennies as a project at his school. I also thought posting photos of the sculpture is "sort-of" fitting for the deadline of filing 2010 tax returns.
The above scuplture, Penny, was created by artist Richard Brooks. The artist explained, "I remember my grandmother, sitting on her porch swing, telling me how angels toss down pennies from heaven to remind you that you are loved and watched over by something much larger than yourself. I used pennies that were touched by many hands to create my butterflies. The many people touching the pennies are like those touching the lives of those in need. The patina of the pennies shows the touch and generosity of so many."

Mom told me about my nephew, JL, collecting pennies and that Mom has been trying to help JL getting the award as the student who collected the most pennies. The school sent home a bag the size of a regular brown lunch bag. It was 1/3 full when I visited last November. In my luggages, I packed two half sandwich bags, one in each luggage, fill with pennies. I gave the pennies to Mom when I was there and that made her happy that I listened to her request.

The weeks leading up to QQ's visit earlier this month, Mom reminded me each time we talked so I would not forget to send the pennies with QQ on his trip back to NYC. I again did just what Mom requested. I hope the bag is at least half full by now.

My sister, CH, will be visiting St. Louis the first week of May. Then "Da Sistas" will be going to New Orleans. CH is going to attend a conference and I just come along to spend quality time with my little sister. I have not been to New Orleans so it would be fun to explore the Big Easy. Mom already asked me to gather the pennies and give them to CH to bring back to NYC.

PS: If you have not filed your 2010 tax returns by now, you would need more than a few pennies from heaven and a lot of "kindness" from the IRS!

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