Monday, April 11, 2011


Even though it was disappointing that QQ was not able to achieve his goal of running a full marathon, I had a lot of fun cheering and was happy that we got to see each other. QQ's visit was short yet I believe we spent a good amount of quality time talking and being together. We managed to do a little of sighseeing and also a lot of R&R (resting and relaxing). On Monday, April 11th, after we got up, QQ and I had a chatty walk around the neighborhood. It was about 3.5k walk. We talked and laughed reminiscing about our childhood in Viet Nam, living in the refugee camp and our early years in America. After the walk, I again made breakfast. Later we visited a local library (not sure if QQ was impressed with the Asian Center, probably not since its collection was limited compared to what is available in NYC.)
After the trip to the library, QQ relaxed in the patio while enjoying lunch before going to the airport.
I was a bit sad when taking QQ back to the airport. We talked about getting together in another city when QQ decides to run another marathon there. The next trip could include my sister CH and that would be a great way to have a mini family reunion.

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QaptainQwerty said...

Thanks for being such a great hostess and big sister, TOTA! I like those Playaway devices at the library a lot. Maybe next time you can borrow one when I visit St. L again.


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