Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I took these photos on Saturday, April 30th to show how high the water on the Meramec River was. The two right lanes of Missouri Route 141 (photo below) had to be closed due to the rising water on the road.
My sister was scheduled to come into town on Thursday, May 5th. We were planning a road trip to Nashville on the 6th, then to Memphis on the 7th and back to St. Louis on the 8th. On Wednesday, the 11th, "Da Sistas" would fly to New Orleans for a few days. CH was going to a conference and I just came along to have fun in the Big Easy.

From these photos you would not know that there was supposed to be a walking trail but now completely under water.

Have you ever been "stuck in a rut" and could not get moving? There are so many photos and stories I would like to share but somehow I could not get motivated to get back to blogging regularly. I still enjoy reading other blogs but I have not been able to publish. I sure hope it is only a temporary setback. Perhaps I should just post cheesy photos and don't worry too much about writing. The world does not depend on my little boring blog for the latest news or useful words of wisdom.

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Leontien said...

I know what you got! A writers block! But i am happy you still enjoy to read and hopefully you will find the "writer" in you back soon!

and yes that water is extremely high...


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