Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On Friday, CH decided to skip the afternoon workshop so we could go to the French Market. Even though the Market is within walking distance, we took the taxi to get there because it was rainning. The Market has everything for everybody, from typical items normally found at flea/farmers market such as handbags, decorated jewerly, knockoff fashion, crafts, locally grown fruits/veggies/spices, souvenirs and of course, food stands. Too bad we would have to miss the annual Great French Market Creole Tomato Festival coming up in June.

I learned that the Market is part of the French Quarter. The taxi dropped us off at the east end of the Market, corner of Decatur and Govenor Nicholls. The Market reminds me of Cho Ben Thanh in Sai Gon. My Mom used to take me there when she went shopping. Since Viet Nam was also heavily influence by French culture, I was very comfortable while in New Orleans.
After lunch, we walked the six blocks along the riverside, passing Ursuline Avenue, St. Philip, Dumaine, St. Ann Streets, Orleans Avenue, St. Peter, Toulouse and at St. Louis Street, we decided to walk toward the Cathedral.

The rain stopped as we strolled down the streets, filled with live music and enjoyed lunch at an outdoor cafe (photo above). We both selected Po'Boys, a fried oyster for CH and catfish for me. (Po-Boys is a sandwich on French bread with different fillings). We became daring and shared an order of fried gator meat. While waiting for our food, we talked, relaxed, commented about people walking by and listened to the band playing Get Your Kicks on Route 66! It was a great afternoon with my sister.

At the edge of Jackson Avenue, is the famous Cafe du Monde, serving cafe au lait and beignets, since 1862. We stopped there to take photos but could not find an empty table. All the tourists went straight from the airport to here because the travel guides stated that the Cafe is a must stop when in New Orleans.

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