Thursday, May 12, 2011


Thursday, May 12th - While CH was at the conference, I had a great time exploring the town. From the hotel, I headed east, then crossed the street at Canal & Decatur. I walked north along Canal, passed Chartres Street, Royal Street, and there it was, the infamous Bourbon Street in Vieux Carre (Old Quarter).

I planned my walk around the Quarter because I thought early in the morning, at 9:30 a.m., there would not be any intoxicated characters. Next, I walked east passing Iberville, Bienville, Conti, St. Louis, Toulouse and St. Peter.

I wish we had more time for a visit to Audubon Insectarium. It was literally located across the street from our hotel. I did not want to go there without CH and we already saw the Butterfly House in St. Louis.

Just like a typical tourist, I took many photos of these beautiful decorated ironwork balconies, the French/Spanish architecture that New Orleans is known for.

The colorful hanging flowers added to the balcony the already romantic setting of waiting for one's lover to come back from a long journey. Or the drunken crowd waiting for the parades to pass by during Mardi Gras!

It was a perfect moment when I took the above photo of the lovely young lady riding the bicycle on an empty Bourbon Street. In the background, the blue sky, while her black dress made it a picture perfect against the many colors of the doors on the buildings also painted in bright, unconstraint colors.

It was around noon when I decided to head east on St. Peter. After I passed Dauphine, Bourbon, Royal, I found St. Louis Cathedral. When we travel, my husband and I make sure we would be able to attend Mass and also light vigil candles when visiting cathedrals. After spending time in prayer at St. Louis Cathedral, I lit the candles, in keeping our family tradition. I will publish photos of the Cathedral, and Jackson Square (located across from the Cathedral) in future posts. It was getting hot and time to meet up with CH at the hotel, so I walked west on Decatur, again passed Toulouse, St. Louis, Conti, Bienville, Iberville, then to the hotel at Canal & Magazine. (Hey Qap, would you be able to calculate how many miles(k) I walked?)

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