Saturday, May 28, 2011


This past week was filled with severe thunderstorms and heavy rain almost every day. On Wednesday (May 25th) we were again under threat of tornadoes. We don't have a basement in the building where I work. Our office is on the second floor. I sure hope we have sufficient time to run down to the first floor and into the restroom which is in the center of building. We were planning a road trip on Lincoln Highway going thru Iowa and coming back thru Illinois. The forecast called for cloudy, rains and in the lower 60s. Since we wanted to take the T-bird, this kind of weather would not be enjoyable in the convertible! We heard the music combined with the joyous laughter as CH and I were coming out of a coffee shop at the corner of Royal and St. Louis Streets. There it was, a wedding procession with the bride, the groom and the entire party dancing on the street, the ladies twirling the umbrellas or waving the handkerchief, having a great time on their way back to the hotel.

I was so happy to capture these images. What a treat to watch this wedding procession. It was so New Orleans. It was one of the experiences that made the city special and gave long lasting memories to visitors.

As you could see that I am posting more photos from New Orleans. You could also tell that I really enjoyed my visit there. Frommer's wrote about the "never lefts" those people who came to New Orleans as tourists, listened to street musicians, danced to brass bands in clubs at night, gazed at lush tropical courtyards hidden behind unassuming building fronts, ate beignets and so many incredible meals and they never left. The next time I see a wedding procession while in New Orleans, I will be sure to join in, waving a tissue if I have to (since I don't carry handkerchief) and just be part of the party!

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