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Sunday, May 8th - We decided not to go to an early morning Mass in Memphis. Since CH would be by herself at the hotel and we would have to come back to pick her up after Mass, we thought we should go to 6:00 p.m. evening Mass when we get back to St. Louis. CH was happy that she did not have to get up early. We left Memphis around 10:30 a.m. after a quick breakfast.

The top photo was on I-55 approaching Illinois and you could see sandbags lining along the road. On the way to Nashville, we went thru Illinois, Kentucky then to Nashville. On the way home, we drove from Memphis then briefly thru Arkansas, crossed the river into Illinois and took I-55 all the way back in Missouri.

I took the photo above after we got off the exit to Lambert's Cafe. It is in the area of Poplar Bluff/New Madrid in Missouri where the Corp. of Engineers just put a hole in the Mississippi River Levee to relieve pressure from the rising water. The plan was designed to flood the farmland in order to spare the pupulated residential areas.

We realized that Sunday was Mother's Day and the Cafe was completed packed. CP had to stay in the parking lot since there was no parking space. I took CH inside the Cafe and showed her around. CP and ate at Lambert's once in 1998 on our trip to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. (I just waited for the cart to come by and did not wish to be hit in the head with a hot dinner roll.) The place is famous for its tradition of servers throwing hot rolls when guests raised their hands for more. Servers also walked around with side items, ready to fill your plates, at no extra charge. Read more about this tradition and all the festive-like atmosphere at and exact locations of the Cafe in Sikeston and in Branson (Missouri) and Foley in Alabama. I took a few photos inside the Cafe but the images did not turn out too good - must be the camera getting tired from being over-worked!

At 2:20 p.m. we were getting hungry and decided to get off the exit to St. Genevieve, Missouri. After lunch, we walked around the town square. We attempted to take the path leading to the ferry but could not get thru because the flood gate was already set in place. We thought CH would love to see the Blue Owl restaurant (above photo) in Kimmwick, Missouri so we made a quick stop there too. We did not get home until around 4:20 p.m. CP made hamburgers for dinner and finished up the apple pie he made on Thursday when CH first arrived in St. Louis. (QQ, we promise to make you an apple pie when you spend more time visiting and not just ran the marathon, then "fly away"!)

The next day, Monday, May 10th, I took CH around town, showing her the Awakening scuplture by J. Seward Johnson at Central Park in Chesterfield, There are only two other castings of the Awakening in the world, Maryland, USA and Siracusa, Italy. I told CH about other scupltures and how I enjoy taking photos to share with my adoring fans in my blog. The Butterfly House was closed on Monday, so we went to the Route 66 Museum instead.
The next day, Tuesday, May 11th, we went to the Butterly House. CH enjoyed it very much, especially when a butterfly landed on her purse (above photo).

I have been to the Butterfly House many times. Each time, I still marveled at God's creation thru the Miracle of Metamorphosis (above photo).

After visiting the Butterfly House, we went to Annie Gunn's for lunch. Annie Gunn's is a restaurant and Smoke House is a grocery shop right next to it. Back in 2000, thru a temporary agency, I worked as an account payables clerk for a few months at Smoke House. During the flood of 1993, the water was above the sign of the pig and the owner who was trying to gather important documents ran out of time and had to be rescued by helicopter.

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