Sunday, May 22, 2011


The tour bus passed by but did not make a stop at Louis Armstrong Park. It looks like it never recovered from the damage done by Hurricane Katrina almost 6 years ago.

My favorite part of the bus tour was when we were able to spend 15 minutes at Citypark. I immediately rushed to the sculpture park and took these photos.

How I wish I could sit for hours under these ridiculously picturesque weeping willows and Spanish moss hanging on these hundred years old trees.

Spanish artist Jaume Plensa created the above piece (stainless steel) entitled Overflow (2005). Look closely or enlarge the image and you will see all the alphabets or words or sentences that represent human emotions overflowing!
Patinated Bronze sculpture, Riace Warriors I, II, III, VI (1983-1988) by Elisabeth Frink (British Scupltor 1930-1993).

I forgot to throw a coin down into this pond to make sure that I would be back to New Orleans. It was my first time visiting and I really had a great time there. Citypark will be high on my favorite places to visit the next time I am back in N'awlins.

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