Saturday, May 14, 2011


Top photo - Louis Prima, playing beautiful music.

Thursday, May 12th - I met up with CH at the hotel after her seminar. CH already ate lunch, provided at the conference. I had a muffin in the morning and drank lot of water during my walk, so I was not hungry. After 45 minutes of resting in the hotel room, at around 2:40 p.m. CH and I walked from the hotel to Bourbon Street.

We sat down at the Musical Legends Park at 311 Bourbon Street for a cup of cafe au lait. (I thought it was silly that we pretended to enjoy this hot drink while the temparature was in the high 80s.) We placed an order of beignets, New Orleans famous golden squares, served in three, (I could not find the reason why the beignets are sold in 3) covered in powered confectioner's sugar. (I thought beignets are just French pastry wannabe American fried donuts!) CH and I each enjoyed one and shared the 3rd beignet.

The cafe has a nice setting outside, I especially like these scupltures of famous musicians. Left to right are Antoine "Fats" Domino, Al "Jumbo" Hirt and Pete Fountain. The sculpture below is Chris Owens.

Below is Ronni Kole, adorned a string of red beads.

One of the things I like about New Orleans is the music. You could be walking the street and be drawn into lively performance at cafe, on the street or from a courtyard garden, hidden from view, yet so inviting that you could not resist the urge to seek where the sound comes from.

Benjamin was so drawn by the musicians (above) that he decided to have a jammed session with Al, Pete and Antoine.

Since I already saw most of the Quarter earlier in the day, I became sort-of a personal tour guide showing CH around. CH wore a red shirt and I had a navy pants, so we both had white powered sugar all over our clothes, just like the way it should be so everyone knew that we just ate three beignets.

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