Thursday, May 26, 2011


In 1925 William Faulkner lived at this house (I took a photo of my sister CH (below) while she took a photo of the house) at 624 Pirates Alley and worked on his first novels, Mosquitoes and Soldiers' Pay. (I must admit that I did not read any of Faulkner's novels.) Actually, a contributor named Matthew Teague, wrote in the book, "Don't Quit Your Day Job", that when he first read Faulkner's book, The Sound and the Fury, "after the first paragraph I suspected he was insane. He performed terribly in school. And yet - the brilliance - he had persuaded all these people, including the people who gave him a Nobel Prize and a million dollars, that he had something to say." (Wish I was that brilliance!)

Talking about quitting, it was exhauting when I went back to work after being out for 10+ days. I stopped writing about my workplace because I don't want to waste any more of my time on such unpleasant topic. I read blogs where people write about how much they hate their job, yet when they are not at work, they blog about that stupid job, incompetent, immature co-workers and their idiotic boss!
The building above is located at 500 Chartres Street and is known as Napoleon House. According to its website,, even though the French Emperor never stepped foot into this house (because he never came to New Orleans), the house got its famous name after the mayor of New Orleans (1812-1815), Nicholas Girod offered the house to Napoleon as a refuge during his exile.

Since we don't drink, CH and I did not go inside to see why this 200 years old building is one of the most famous bars in America.

This is 632 St. Peter Street (above photo) where Tennessee Williams lived and wrote A Streetcar Named Desire. CH and I took turn taking pictures of each other standing in front of the house, looking up to the wrought-iron balcony, and yelled "Stella!" "Hey Stella!" - I looked a bit out of character, a very funny looking short chubby Stanley Kowalski!

I have been publishing about New Orleans the last two weeks, yet I still have enough photos and stories for another month! I read about bloggers experienced problems with their blogs and some blogs just disappeared into cyberspace. I am glad that this little boring blog of mine is ok, for now. If something happened to this blog, my adoring fans and faithful readers would come to St. Louis, stand beneath the Arch and yell, "TOTA!" "Hey TOTA!"

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