Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Benjamin's 2nd birthday was on Friday, May 6th. So this would be a belated Happy Birthday post. I just realized that the post about Benjamin 1st birthday last year was also late. What a terrible mother I am!
It is the same excuses - watching NHL playoffs games, getting depressed after my beloved Red Wings were eliminated (again by the Sharks) and side-tracked by other activities.

I am pleased to report that Benjamin has grown up happy and strong. He still has all seven yellow strings on top. These photos show Benjamin in a flying pose just like the Man of Steel.

Though the tag reads, Made in China, Benjamin has always been proud to be an American and ready to defend the United States against all foreign and domestic enemies.

Based on genealogy records, Benjamin Saturday was born in Bensonhurst (thus the name Benjamin) and was presented to me by my nephew JL on Saturday, May 6, 2009. Qaptain Qwerty corrected me that his area actually is Bath Beach but I am not sure if the name Beth or Becky would fit, therefore the name Benjamin is much better.

So please join me in wishing Benjamin a belated Happy Birthday and many more years in a peaceful and happy world.

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