Thursday, May 05, 2011


I held up the above greeting sign when my sister CH arrived in St. Louis (Thursday, May 5th). CH chose the first name Victoria when she became U.S. Citizen. Qaptain Qwerty chose a name from a character in the Peanuts and I selected "TOTA" - just kidding!

Somehow the security guard at the parking lot recognized me because he said, "You are back. Who are you picking up this time?" I complimented him for his excellent memory that he remembered I was at the airport to pick up QQ in early April.

I did not take any photos inside the airport because of security measure. Looking at the plywood covering all the windows, you could see the extensive damage the tornadoes did.

This entrance probably was shown on television when the tornadoes touched down sending high wind thru the doors, smashing benches as if they were toys and knocking down tiles on the ceilings.

I thought the airport was back to normal, as much as could be. Hats off to those in charge of getting the repair done so quickly while moving forward in getting the operation back on track.

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QaptainQwerty said...

Maybe it was the same guard who followed you around when you took photo of my departing plane back in April. Make sure you never open any email from someone who signed "About As Bad in Abbottabad" or you may not be able to fly anywhere in the future.


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