Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I took these photos when we were in NYC last year (2010) at Thanksgiving. The workers were putting the final touch on the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. All the lights were strung around the tree, just waiting for the Lighting Ceremony which was scheduled after Thanksgiving. If we were still in town, we would have gone there to be at the ceremony but then again it would have been too crowded and we were too old to stand around for hours waiting, in freezing weather and after the ceremony trying to get thru the sea of bodies.
My husband still talks about how much he appreciated all the plannings I put together for his 50th birthday in 2008. I made all the arrangements from the flights to NYC (we got to the airport early and were able to upgrade to first class seats for only $100 each), to overnight accomdation at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Christmas Eve. After dinner at Oscar's, we walked to Radio City for the Christmas Spectacular Show. After the show, we walked to Rockefeller Center and then back to the Waldorf. The next day we attended Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral and then breakfast again at Oscar's. Good thing I made reservation months before the trip because the line was a mile long. People gave us the dirty look when we passed them, walked straight to the hostess, mentioned our name and were seated promptly. It sure was nice to have a little taste of how the people on the "right" side of the tracks live!
The above display was in front of an office building directly across from Radio City. I don't know if the lights would be turned on after dark.

I noticed that my posts detailing about our wonderful celebration of Christmas in New York in 2008 brought a large number of people from around the world to my little boring blog. There are visitors from places that I never heard of (due to my limited traveling and knowledge of world geography). Interesting places such as Sarmede, Veneto (Italy); Tirana, Tirane (Albania); and Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk, Gewest (a long name for a city in Belgium). I don't know what exactly trigger these posts to be included in the search engine. Could it be the excellent photos or my impressive writing? Well, whatever the reasons, thank you for visiting.

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