Thursday, December 01, 2011


Yes, TOTA was very impressed with Atlanta that I kept posting and writing about the A-town and since I took so many "cheesy" photos, it would be a crime not to share with my adoring fans - haa haa. The above "Coke" tree (I would not wish to impose my religion on the readers by calling it the Christmas tree - blaah!) was on display at the World of Coca Cola. My sister was working so I went on the tour by myself and really took my time to see all the exhibits and even tried a few different taste of sodas around the world.

At Centennial Olympic Park, workers were busy putting up Christmas decorations. (There, I said it - Merry Christmas to you Mr. Grinch!)

A worker saw me pointing the camera upward in his direction, he smiled and told his co-worker, "That is TOTA from St. Louis. She takes photos of everything wherever she goes. She even took picture of a piece of gum on the street!" The co-worker asked, "What does she do with the photos?" I was very pleased to hear the response, "She posts them on her blog. It is a very well-written and popular blog and I encourage ya'll to check it out and become one of her million followers" (Then I woke up and it was just a dream - haa haa haa haa haa haa)
I thought of Qaptain Qwerty and how much he would enjoy running in Centennial Olympic Park. I wish I had more time to see all the sculptures and so many other nice features at the park. I specially like the Fountain of Rings featuring the Olympic Ring symbol that was created just for the 1996 Olympic Games. Visit for more information.

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