Friday, December 09, 2011


After seeing The Grinch at Peabody Opera House, we decided to drive around downtown St. Louis. Most of the time when we came downtown for the hockey games, it was in the evening. We usually left town right after the Rams or Cardinals games. We drove to Laclede Landing and along the riverfront. We had about 45 minutes before dinner reservation at Kreis Steakhouse.

We saw a few joggers but no bikers (bicycle). It was in the mid-40s and one lady running with only a shirt and thin sweatpants. I commented that she was very brave to be running along the riverfront where it was almost empty. She could be dragged into a vehicle and no one would be there to help. Or maybe she was an undercover police officer. I would love to see the guy's face after he tried to attack her, not only she fought back and then show him her police badge.

We had a nice dinner, started with crab cakes and we both ordered the Colorado lamb. For dessert, we shared a bowl of vanilla ice cream, for toppings, we selected toasted almonds and chocolate syrup. Going to the show and having a nice dinner was sort-of Christmas celebration for us. My husband often reminded me, "we are on vacation", because he said everyday is a vacation day and to enjoy each day as a vacation day especially it will be 2012 soon! (What are your thoughts about 2012 and the end of the world?)

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