Monday, December 19, 2011


"If we learned anything from Week 15, it's that anything can happen on any given Sunday or Thursday, or Monday", was the comment that was spoken by almost all the football analysts or the wannabe sport commentators like me. It was a mad, mad world in football last weekend and I will tell you what happened. The Colts (1-13) beat the Titans (7-7); the Eagles (6-8) ran the Jets (8-6) off the field with the final score 45-19 but the biggest surprise of all was the Chiefs (6-8) made history by handing the Packers (13-1) their first lost. Up until Sunday night, the Packers were undefeated, almost perfect season!

On Monday night (December 19th), the Steelers (10-4) lost badly 3-20 against the 49ers (11-3). Big Ben threw two interceptions in the 1st quarter and could not overcome his ankle injury. Of course, my beloved New England Patriots (11-3) won big (41-23) against the Broncos (8-6). I was torn between Brady and Tebow because I liked them both. I would not feel bad if the Broncos won - that would shut up all the anti-Tebow crowds!

On Thursday night (December 22nd), the IN Colts will face the Houston Texans. I don't know why they even bother playing since the Colts (1-13) definitely will miss the playoffs. (This entire season, they only won one game against the Titans). The Texans (10-4) already clinched the AFC South Division, so why take the risk that guys might be hurt. I am happy that the Lions (9-5), much improved this season, still have a chance getting into the playoffs being a Wild Card. Don't even get me started on the St. Louis Rams (2-12)!

(The photos above were taken at the October 30th game when the Rams got a surprise win against the Saints. The half time performance was from a local school band. The kids played well but I don't remember from which school.)

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