Sunday, December 11, 2011


We went to the Zoo last night. It was our first time walking through the Christmas Light Display. The annual evening walk is opened from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thousand of lights were strung on trees, along the fences, throughout the grounds with many fun animated lightings.

It is a family event where the kids could listen to storytellers or ride the carousel. Parking is free and admission is $5 per person. The entire zoo is not opened so it takes about 30 minutes to walk around and see all the displays. The cafe is opened for those wishing to get something to eat or hot chocolate as it was about 35 degrees. It was a crisp cold night for the walk but it could be a bit freezing to the bones, even with hats and gloves.

We offered to take photos when we see families and most of the people were appreciated. It was nice to see the kids having a good time with Mom and Dad or grandparents. I used to think of my nephew and wishing he lived nearby so we could enjoy these activities together. From an experience that was "a bad idea" when we were in NYC last year, I finally realized that JL has grown up and no longer the child that would be happy just sitting next to me while I read to him. Sadly, he is more interested in computer games than interacting with his "Big Auntie". I finally learned to accept that the kind of relationship I envision and hope to built with my nephew is not what he might wish to have. It is a lesson of letting go that most parents have to do with their children. You do your best, allowing them to fly away and hope that they won't be those "boomerang" kids!

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QaptainQwerty said...

My favorite singer, Pat Benatar, has a song called "The Art of Letting Go". I haven't read the lyric to see what it really is about, but that's the thing with children. Not too long ago I would sometimes sneakily leave the house for fear my son would want to tag along. These days he does not want to go anywhere, even if it's to his favorite restaurant.


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