Friday, December 16, 2011


We have not been to historic downtown St. Charles since last August. Actually, we just drove around trying to find a parking spot so we could attend the festival, I think it was Festival of the Little Hills or something like that. After driving around for about 5 minutes and scanning all the parking lots without seeing one empty space, we decided that we were too old to put up with the hassle of looking for parking spot or taking the courtesy shuttle or we could walk from wherever we parked. So technically, the last time we were in St. Charles was in April when we were with Qaptain Qwerty prior to the St. Louis Marathon. These photos were taken from last Christmas (December 2010). I especially like the way the house (photo below) is decorated, festive and elegant.

We invited Sister Roberta Anne and Brother Danny Matthew to our house for lunch after Mass on Sunday. I have been busy making our house presentable (by now you should know that not only TOTA is a cooking-challenge person but also house-keeping and very domestic-challenge individual). I tried cleaning the sitting/family rooms by putting (hiding) the clutter in the basement storage space. I got out the fine china to set up the dining table. Planning was going well until my husband suggested that we should ask if the guests would like to stay and watch the Patriots v. Broncos game. I was not too thrilled about this. Why you may ask - have you ever watch a football game with a nun and a Franciscan monk sitting next to you? What am I suppose to say when Brady threw an interception, "Oh too bad" and not the big "S%$@"? Do I just say "Oh no" when Tebow got sacked and not "D&#!"? More about what happened in the next post ........

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