Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I took these photos from Zoo Atlanta and even though the theme was supposed to be Tuesday Two, I thought images of these prairie dogs would go together nicely for this post. That was me (above) standing, with a grouchy face, anxiously waiting and expecting something to happen, dreaming about "the big break", talking about all the big plans but never put forward the efforts to make the big dream happen. Only talk, no actions.

That was me, still standing and waiting for the big break. Laying in the sand would be my husband, happy-go-lucky, easy-going person. No desire to be part of the rat race or climbing high up the corporate ladder. CP admitted that he was not an ambitious man and would never sell his soul to the devil to get that corner office. He said he already got everything he needs to enjoy life, a loving supportive family, friends who care about him and faith that sustains him thru difficult times in life. Every day is a vacation day, CP said. I wish I could be more like CP, learning to relax and laying in the sand, watching the world go by!

These prairie dogs must have a secret about being happy, not a care in the world and definitely know how to enjoy life. A group of tourists pointing and laughing and nothing would disturb these guys. I realized that everything I need to know how to be happy and to enjoy life is from these prairie dogs!

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