Monday, December 12, 2011


When Benjamin saw the above sign "Rock Paper Scissors", he asked me what it was about. I explained that it was the name of a store selling paper products like greeting cards, supplies for scrapbooks, and anything "papertry". I also mentioned that "Rock Paper Scissors" is a universal game which I remembered playing when I was a child in Viet Nam. For adults, it is a way to settle a bet or to decide winner and loser.
Then Benjamin asked me how the game is played. I explained that there are usually two players, each either put his hand behind his back or shake his hand a number of times, then put the same hand out either in a fist (rock), out flat (paper) or with the index and middle figures extended, either pressed together or slightly apart (scissors). Winning is decided based on the following rules - paper wins against rock (paper covers rock), rock wins against scissors (rock crushes scissors) and scissors wins against paper (scissors cut paper). I told Benjamin that I had wonderful childhood memory playing this game because it was a lot of fun. Then Benjamin extended his two yellow hands -------------------

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