Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Sunday, December 25th - Since we attended Midnight Mass and did not get to bed until almost 2:30 am, we felt entitled to sleep in until almost 10:00 on Christmas morning. It was too late for a full breakfast and too early for lunch, so egg sandwiches would have to be. We stayed inside all day and rotated between meals, a short nap, snacks, and another nap. It was a good and quiet Christmas day, just the two of us in our own cozy little world!

Monday, December 26th - We went out to lunch with "Jack and Jill". After lunch, we invited them over to our house for cake and coffee. We needed help to finish the birthday cake (half a sheet) I ordered for my husband. We know J-J for over 15 years and they are in their 80s. I first met Jill when we sat next to each other at the same table during the fashion show sponsored by the Ladies' Club from our parish. J-J are more like our parents than friends. Jack was in the Navy during the Korean War. Jill was originally from Texas and she still has the "drawl". We got along real fine, J-J tell us about their grandkids and we share stories about our road trips.
It started to rain and then turned into light snow on Monday evening. At around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, a loud noise woke us up and everything went dark. (I thought these photos from Wildlights at the Zoo fit with this post.) It sounded like a tire was blown up. My husband went to kitchen window to look out the direction where the noise came from. The ground was completely covered with snow. He came back and told me that it looked like fireworks with sparks shooting up the sky from the power lines. He called up the power company to report the outage. We went back to bed, under two extra heavy blankets. The power came back around 6:15 a.m. (We rejoiced, just like the penguins in photo above and the kids in below photo, jumping for joy.) We got a message from AmerenUE telling us that the snow caused a tree to fall over a power line. I was happy that I would not be deprived of coffee and hot breakfast. Life without electricity would not be fun!

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