Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Last Sunday, we went to see How the Grinch stole Christmas! It was our first time at the Peabody Opera House since the grand re-opening this past October. Opened in 1934, the building was originally named Kiel Opera House. It closed in 1991 and after 20 years of abandonment, the House was restored to its glory with a price tag of $79 million!

When my husband first suggested getting tickets to see The Grinch, I was not too thrilled about being surrounded by 6-year old kids, or the back of my seat being kicked at or being terrorized by a group of 10-year old girls who sang along the entire show. Silly me - none of that happened. I am pleased to report that the kids, and there were many of them, were well-behaved. No one cried, no one talked and no kicking the back of my seat!

Inside was what I expected to see, the sleek Art Deco, crimson velvet curtain, bronze fixtures, elegant chandeliers and the marble flooring. According to the website, the theater has 3,100 seatings but I could not image that many people in one place. The seating is all new and wider to accomodate the current (increasing) body size of the audience. In addition to concerts and theatrical shows, the Opera House is available for corporate events, conferences, weddings and private events.

Entering the building, we noticed the distinctive overhead lighting, the gleaming marble on the walls and columns and the two grand staircases with ornate metal railings. Even the ticket windows look plendid with special ordornments. We enjoyed the show and definitely will be back for more as well as going on a backstage tour.

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