Friday, December 02, 2011


This is Georgia State Capitol, completed on July 4, 1889, has the impressive 75-foot dome covered in gold leaf and topped by a Statue of Freedom. My cheesy camera was not good enough for a zoom, so no photo of the statue. It wasn't until after the Civil War (1868) that Atlanta became the state capital. My next visit will definitely include a tour of the building so I could see the six Corinthian columns in front and inside the 237-foot ceiling in the rotunda. The Capitol is within walking distance from MARTA Georgia State station, Blue or Green line will get you there.

Above is Georgia Dome, 71,500 seat stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons. The Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994 and again SB XXXIV in 2000 were held here. (Current NFL standings - the Falcons is among the Wild Card teams trying to get to the Playoffs). Below is Phillips Arena, home of the former NHL Atlanta Thrashers. The hockey team was moved back to Canada and became the Winnipeg Jets. Since the NBA (men) has been on the lock-out, only the WNBA (women) games are being played here.

Our walk thru Centennial Olympic Park was nice but short because it was getting late (the sun was going down quickly) and there was an unpleasant part of big city (there were many homeless people there). We did not feel threaten but constantly being asked if we had any change, we thought it would be best to get out of the park.

The Coca-Cola tower on North Avenue is covered in white sheeting with an image of a soda bottle. Last May, the 26-story building was illuminated and turned into a giant projection screen showing images from the company's advertising library and photos posted on the company's Facebook. The occassion marked the 125th anniversary of Coco Cola.

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