Monday, February 14, 2011


I am sure I am not the only woman who does not care for Valentine's Day. I am not against the occasion and everyone has the rights to celebrate what is important to them and their relationship. In my humble opinion Valentine's Day is marketing ploy invented by florists, restaurants and greeting cards companies. When I was single living in New York, I remembered on Valentine's Day, the women in the office would wait anxiously for their flowers be delivered, sent by their significant others. Those that did not get the flowers, except me, were disappointed, felt rejected and unloved.
I am posting these photos from our Route 66 road trip in June 2010 showing the murals around the town of Pontiac, Illinois. These photos would be sort-of a celebration so I won't be labeled "The Grinch" when it comes to Valentine's Day!
Top mural - Palace of Sweets by artist Cam Bortz.
Allen Candy Co. mural by Jay Allen (what a coincidence!)
Above mural - Scatterday Pop by Carole Bersin.
Pontiac on Route 66 (below mural) - Tom & Kathy Durham.
Just like any loving wife would do, I waited patiently while my husband took gazillion photos of his precious car in front of this mural - Route 66 by Diaz Sign Art.

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