Sunday, February 13, 2011


Heaven and Earth - Bronz Sculpture by Tuan, a well-known Vietnamese artist (read more about Tuan at This sculpture is on display in the lobby at Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.
Today, February 13th, is the 10th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. After Mass, we spent time in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel to light a candle in Dad’s memory and in prayers. It has been 10 years, yet I still remember the time when my brother called (Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2001) informed me that Dad has reached the end of his life.
I took the next available flight to New York. I held Dad’s hands, kept watch while he struggled with each breath and praying for a miracle that never happened. After two years of chemotherapy, the treatment for liver cancer did not produce results we had hoped for and we had to accept that it was time to say goodbye. On February 10th, Dad closed his eyes and was no longer able to verbally communicate. I continued to hold on to the fading hope with each response when Dad squeezed my hand or a weak smile when Mom was there. Dad passed away in the evening of February 13th.
I don't want to remember the time we were together in hospice, I rather remember the good times we as father and daughter going to soccer and basketball games. The funny story how Dad protected me as the fans rushed into the stadium for a sold-out game. I want to honor my Dad for the life he lived, for the courage he showed when he held our family together through all the rough years, how he helped other people on the boat journey, for the lessons he taught us by living a life of integrity and great characters and his love as a husband and a father. And that is how I will always remember my Dad.

These photos were taken last November when we visited Dad’s final resting place at Greenwood Cemetery. In my heart, I know Dad is always near, wherever I am.

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