Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TUESDAY TWO - 2-22-11

I could not let February 22, 2011 went by without posting a "Tuesday Two" theme entry. (Yes, I know I am more than a few days late. I am trying to post everyday during the month of February. I started this ritual in 2009 when I needed to motivate myself to continue with blogging. I chose February as the shortest month to post an entry each day.)
These top and above photos were taken last November (2010) when we were in NYC. We went into Saks Fifth Avenue store, across from Rockefeller Center, to use their restrooms. (I normally don't like to mention a speficic business, but special thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue for letting us use your facility.)
I randomly captured images that have number 2 or in pairs. I found the above sign interesting as it listed number 22 on the building on East 50th Street and also a 2nd address 444 Madison Avenue. Why is it interesting? Because half of 444 would be 222. Another weird thinking process in the mind of a hockey junkie named TOTA!

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