Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Please join me in extending a warm welcome to “LUC”, a new family member. I brought Luc home from the car dealership on Saturday, January 22nd. He smells so good, the smell of a new baby! Luc already came with a moonroof. A rear spoiler was ordered and installed on Friday, January 28th.
Although I just wanted a vehicle to get around, it was nice that Luc came with many standard features such as Tilt & telescopic steering wheel; MP3 auxiliary jack, Bluetooth, and 8-way power driver’ seat so I don’t break any nails. These features are pretty much standard in most of the new models.

What I really like the most are safety features such as dual front air bags, side air bags (again probably standard in most models – I just hope we never had to find out if the bags worked!), anti-theft engine immobilizer (if someone tries to steal my car by hot wiring, the engine would not start – of course, this would not help if I was forced to hand over the key!).
One particularly safety feature that I really like is the Blind Spot Monitoring System. It is still the responsibility of the driver to check before changing lanes. But BSM System provides extra safety with warning lights on the left and right door mirrors. The System will warn the driver with a beep and warning light flash if a turn signal was on.

For some reasons I always felt as if I had a flat tire when driving my car. With the new vehicle, there is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light which provides a comfort level that I would be warned when the tire pressure was low. I would then have the tire check in advance, avoiding any possible flat tire leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Here comes the best part – the answer to why name the car “Luc”? I don’t know how it got started when I gave the name “Z” to the other vehicle, Mazda 626. I wanted to call it “Zach” but my husband did not like the name as it was a bit too close to “Jack” which was the name of one of my former boyfriends! This time, for this Mazda6, I selected the name “Luc” based on the pronunciation of number Six in Hakka and Cantonese Chinese dialects. There you have it, another weird thinking process in the mind of a hockey junkie named TOTA!


Salabencher said...

I agree with your husband, no ex boyfriend names for the car! make sure you dont damage one of the rims. My cousin had a mishap that damaged the valve stem on her tire.. walmart was unable to fix this and had to have the dealership replace a vary expensive part inside of the tire.. technology is funny that way, love it, but increases cost.. Nice car!

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks, LG, for your comment.
I heard you will be getting together with QQ. I am sure you have a lot to talk about, especially about the Heritage Game between the Canadiens v. the Flames - haa haa
Have a good week. Regards to your family.


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