Saturday, February 06, 2010


Here we are again, the day before the Big Game, Superbowl XLIV. These photos of the Rolling Stones performance at halftime at Superbowl XL on February 5, 2006 always bring back wonderful memories. It was one of the moments that I considered I have "enjoyed life to the fullest". (Or one of the items I crossed off on my Bucket List.) I pretended to ask my husband if he knew who will perform at halftime this year. When CP said he did not know and then he asked "who?". I responded, "WHO". Then CP realized that it was a trick question because "The Who" that is who will perform at halftime :)

I was never a big fan of the Rolling Stones, just enjoy listening to a few of the hit songs such as (I Can't get No) Satisfaction, You Can't Always Get What You Want, and Start Me Up. I just did my wifely duty and went along with my husband to the concert when the Stones came to St. Louis on January 27, 2006. These tickets were purchased in December 2005 or earlier. Then in early January, during a conversation with a business acquaintance, I mentioned that my husband family lived in Detroit area and if we could find tickets, we would like to go to the Superbowl XL. We would drive to Detroit, 8 hours from St. Louis, and staying with family. As it turned out, a neighbor of this business acquaintance was an NFL referee and he was able to get tickets at cost. We had to provide our names, home address, phone number and took an oath that we would attend the Big Game and not trying to sell the tickets for 3x or more of the actual face value. (Out of curiosity, I checked a few websites and found that these tickets were selling at $1,500+ each.)
My husband and I share an inside joke that Mick Jagger accused us of stalking him when he saw us again at the Superbowl. We made up the story about Keith Richards said to us, "Did we just see you guys in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago?" then he asked us to get on stage but we were too shy :)

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