Tuesday, February 09, 2010


To ensure that all Saturday home games would be sold-out, the St. Louis Blues made great offers (that hockey fanatics like me could not refuse) such as the Meet and Greet packages which include Club Seats, autographed hockey sticks and a chance to meet Blues players after the game. The Club Seats are located just below the Club Suites, between the goal lines with all-inclusive food (chicken strips, brats, hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and ice cream) and beverage (soda, water and beer). I purchased tickets for November 28th and February 13th games. I thought since we were going to see my beloved Red Wings on November 28th, we might well receive other incentives such as all-inclusive food and an autographed hockey stick. Big mistake! You decide which version you wish to believe that actually happened on Nov. 28th. Version #1 - After the game, we stood in line for about 30 minutes waiting for the players, Brad Boyes & Carlo Colaiacovo, to come out from the lockers room. When it was my turn, Boyes looked up and saw that I was wearing the Red Wings jersey, he refused to sign my stick. He said I should take off the jersey. I responded, "You are a sore loser. I don't need your stinky autograph anyway." I picked up the stick, started to walk away, Colaiacovo leaned toward to say something but the stick hit him in the nose and it started bleeding. He fell backward and yelled, "I am hit!". Boyes threw a punch toward me but he missed and hit the security guard instead. I decided that it was best that I should start running, with my husband following behind, down the escalator, out of the building and to our truck. We could not stop laughing all the way home!
Version #2 (or the real version of what really happened) - When we got to the game, CP "advised" me to purchase a 50% off Manny Legace jersey (I agreed if I was going to buy a Blues jersey, it might well be Legace). He said I should take off my Pavel Datsyuk jersey and put the Blues jersey on. During the game, I felt as if I had committed adultery by wearing a Blues jersey while my beloved Red Wings playing against the Blues. It was unnatural, it was painful and it tore my heart into a million pieces! I could not believe that I wore a Blues jersey and of all the games, it had to be when my beloved Red Wings were playing. The game went overtime and then shootout with the Wings won 4-3. After the game, we waited patiently, almost 45 minutes, for Brad Boyes and Carlo Calaiacovo, to be at the signing table. It was a long night and I made a promise to think twice before jumping at any offers, no matter how good they might appear to be, definitely not when it is against my beloved Red Wings!

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