Tuesday, February 02, 2010


We made it! Starting Monday, January 4th, CP has been eating a small bowl of salad for dinner, and a reasonable nice brunch on the weekend. A week later, Jan. 11th, I joined CP in his quest to eat healthy meals by cutting down on the amount of food (red meat) consumption. For the entire month, well almost, of January, our dinner was a bowl of salad. We both like cucumber, tomatoes, carrots (CP likes baby carrots and I like it spreaded), and a spoon of salad toppings. CP adds fresh onion, celery, and bacon bits to his bowl. I prefer green, yellow and red bell peppers plus garbanzo beans. Instead of our usual selections of ranch dressing for CP and honey mustard or asiago peppercorn for me, we try to add a little flavor by switching to chunky blue cheese for CP and a reasonable amount of sweet viladia onion over my salad. We hope to continue our quest for healthy eating, one month at a time. I will not report about how many pounds we shredded. I will tell you that it is so much nicer not to have to hold my breath trying to button my pants/skirts or to tighten the belt. Next month when the wintery weather no longer around, I hope, we will resume our walks to the parks and around the neighborhoods.On Historic Route 66, the famous classic sign "EAT" at Clanton's Cafe and BBQ in Vinita, Oklahoma, still shines brightly. This vintage cafe, famous for its chicken fried steak, was built in 1927, burned in 1999, was promptly rebuilt and still operated by the same family.

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QaptainQwerty said...

Congratulations! It is not easy to change our eating habits but you two did it - like you said, one month at a time.


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