Sunday, February 28, 2010


Congratulations to Team USA on a great game and a strong finish to earn the Silver Medal for America. Congratulations to Team Canada on a well-earned Gold Medal - we are proud of your performance. Goalie Ryan Miller was spectacular and definitely earned the respect and worthy of the MVP award. It was a treat to watch the game, down to last second (.24 to be exact) when Team USA tied the game. Congratulations to both Team USA and Team Canada - it was a world class game. For me, when it comes to hockey, Team Canada is always my favorite cousin!
I am so excited and also will be so nervous (Oh, the intensity, the emotion, the pressure, and all the joy) watching Team USA v. Team Canada face-off for the gold medal in men's ice hockey. Here we go again, a wresting match between my brother and my favorite cousin. Last Friday, after Stations of the Cross, a friend invited us to lunch on Sunday. I told her that we couldn't because "The Game" takes place at 2 pm. As we were driving home, my husband said that I should lie about having a commitment instead of hurting the friend's feelings. CP said no one likes to play second fiddle to a hockey game. I told CP that I would have to go to confession if I said what he suggested, telling a lie to a friend in church and during Lent! I don't wish to hurt anyone feelings and my friend would understand since she knew how much I love hockey. I am sure all the angels and all the saints, (even God) in heaven would be watching "The Game" too!

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