Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We did not go to Soulard last Saturday for the Mardi Gras parade, so I post these photos from my trip to the Caribbean in 2006 instead. In my young and foolish days, I was among these dancers dressed up in colorful outfits, wild and crazy, dancing and drinking all nights. (Ya right, everyone knows I am a stuffed-shirt and stiff like a hockey stick!) Happy Fat Tuesday everyone. Reminder - just because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, don't eat too many punski (or paczki) ** heh heh **

We were embarked at Puerta Maya because the ship could not get into Cazumel due to major damage from a recent storm. My sister and I did not care to take the bus into town (we still remembered the incident at Atlantic City back in 1983 - I will tell that story in future post), so we just stayed around Puerta Maya. There were a lot of shops and of course, entertainment such as the parade and street performances.

PS: Instead of the regular delicious salad, since it is Fat Tuesday, we "fell off the wagon" and had grilled chicken for dinner and cheese cake for dessert.

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