Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here is a very late Happy Valentine's Day to my adoring fans. (I have always considered Valentine's Day a conspiracy among the greeting card companies, florists, chocolate candy shops and restaurants. I am not against the day as a celebration of love but I thought some people make such a big fuss over getting/sending flowers, expensive gifts/dinners and true love being measured by the words in the mass-produced greeting cards.) Well, my husband sent me the above Snoopy and Woodstock card. It is cute, so I post it here.
This year Lunar or Chinese New Year/Tet (Vietnamese New Year) is on the same day as Valentine's Day. Good thing red is the color for both holidays, so there is no need for Asian-Americans (women) to change their outfits in the middle of the dinner for the celebrations. My husband practiced all day so he could say Happy New Year in Mandarin to my family. We have been married for almost 21 years and CP only learned to say "How are you? Thank You. I Love You" in Mandarin Chinese and once a year "Happy New Year". I tried teaching CP Vietnamese but he gave up because he got confused between two languages. He definitely did not wish to learn the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese.
My beloved Detroit Red Wings were in town on Tuesday, Feb. 9th. It felt good wearing my Red Wings jersey even though the Wings lost 3-4 in shootout, again! (I don't feel like blogging since Friday. It must be the weather that got me down and I have been thinking about my Dad's passing nine years ago. Last night, I dreamed of my Dad and when I woke up, I felt as if we were never apart.)
On Saturday, Feb. 13th, Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals made their rare visit to St. Louis. There was a large crowd waiting to see #8 during the warm-up before the game. I don't care much for Ovechkin but he sure lives up to expection of being not only a skilled hockey player but also a flashy player who puts on a good show for the fans. The Blues won 4-3 in shootout, again! After the game, we waited in line for another hockey stick with autographs from Chris Mason and Ty Conklin. I even managed to put my chubby face between the two goalies for a nice 49th birthday pose!

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