Monday, February 13, 2012


It started around midnight with only dusty snow continued throughout the morning. My husband took "Luc" (Chinese name for the Mazda 6) since we heard that there would be accumulation in the evening. Being front-wheel drive, Luc would be much better than the Mustang when going up hill. (The 1st snowfall in January, CP had to park his Pony at a church parking lot and walked to his office.) So far this was only the third snowfall in the St. Louis area during this year so-called winter. Actually, the 2nd snowfall last week had only a few flurries and did not last more than an hour or so. Not that I complained about the mild winter, just don't want a serious drought in the summer.

This is our 17th winter in St. Louis and I sure don't miss living in Michigan during the winter months. Even though I was well aware of the harsh winter in Grand Haven, nothing prepared me for the experience of actual driving on US-31 in white-out condition and ice covered roads. One time, the snow from an 18-wheeler completely covered my windshield when the truck passed me. For a moment there my wipers could not get the snow off quick enough, I was driving blind and my guardian angel took over. Also, let's not forget all the 3-hour drive trips to Detroit at Christmas time. To this day I still remember the time when a van spinned out of control on I-75, then I saw its headlights shinning directly thru the passenger side (that was my side), somehow my husband was able to swerve out of the way. How he did it on the snow covered icy road I never knew!

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