Thursday, February 09, 2012


It snowed last night and left the above interesting pattern on the hood of my car. It looked like a face of a weather-beaten grouchy old man. For a few years, probably the last three years, I started a sort-of "tradition" of posting everyday during the month of February. It is the shortest month so it would be an easy task to accomplish. Well, not really. I often mentioned that I admire bloggers who post each day, whether just photos only (professional photos not cheesy like mine) or with well-written essays and evoke interesting discussions (comments) from other bloggers. We all know that I have a boring life and a boring blog. So cheesy photos and ramblings would have to be! I don't regularly post comments on blogs that I follow. A blogger wrote that if he does not have anything interesting to write, he would not post for weeks. Well, in my case I would not post at all because I have nothing interesting to write! Another blogger wrote that if you don't have anything nice to comment, then don't post unkind/negative comments. I completely agree. People often write nasty stuff because there are "nooks and caves" in cyberspace (i.e. anonymous) they could hide. I am not sure if you have the same experience but I am not comfortable posting comments at a blog that I really enjoy reading because whenever a person whether intentionally or just an honest mistake of using the wrong choice of words, posted a comment that was considered "not nice" by other followers, the person would be attacked and "torn to pieces". Faithful followers of this particular blog (one blogger who would act like a bodyguard or the town sheriff) would jump on the "guilty" person like a pack of wolves - that scared the heck out of me! I will continue to post regularly, with cheesy photos and un-interesting, boring ramblings. Thank you for reading and a very special thanks to the wonderful Followers and regular readers.

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Linus Ly said...

I am currently having a sort of blogger's block. I want to resume drawing cartoons, at least once a week, and already have an idea of what to draw but drawing takes so much more time than writing. With writing I can write a draft on my smartphone, painful but feasible, on the subway during commute from work, but drawing is a totally different case. But stay tuned!


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