Monday, February 20, 2012


The good people of Nevada, Iowa really took pride in their town being part of Lincoln Highway. So proud that they would erect this welcome sign that includes the "L" marker and a portrait of president Lincoln.

(above) Lincoln in Lincoln, Illinois (how appropriate)! We saw many more statutes during our Lincoln Highway adventure in July and September 2011, but we could not safely make a stop or even slow down to capture all the images.

Lincoln at Jefferson Square, in front of City Hall in Jefferson, Iowa. (I am so confused!)

I always like the creative way people preserve and create wonderful artwork out of tree stump or part of the tree trunk when the tree could not be saved and had to be cut down. I don't remember exactly where I saw the above sculpture, I only know that it was somewhere after the town of Nevada and before the town of Scranton in Iowa.

Does your town have any sculpture/mural of president Lincoln on display in public square or in front of City Hall?

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