Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I saw the above plate, I thought of an "oldies but goodies" childhood memory. Qaptain Qwerty was about six years old and that particularly day he was under the weather. As we were eating dinner, Mother warned QQ not to eat a full meal. But who could refuse all the delicious cha gio, bun men nuong and che ba mau? When QQ started to throw up, Mother asked sarcastically, "An nua thoi?", do you wish to eat some more? QQ promptly responded, "An nua, nhung an mot chut thoi", Yes, but only a little more! (I don't remember what prompted the subject, but Mother was telling that story last week during my weekly phone call.)

I explained to the owner of the above vehicle that I simply enjoy finding interesting personalized plates. He was flattered and did not mind that I took a photo. He was kind enough to share that he is an owner of two dental laboratories, thus "2TH-LAB". He promised to give me a discount. I just hope I don't need that dentures anytime soon!

There was no one around for me to ask about the above plate. If I have to take an educated guess, I would say the owner could be (a) a determologist; (b) a taxidermist; and (c) someone who is in the leather business. What do you think "2ND SKN" mean?

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