Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here we go again! Last Saturday I volunteered at a fundraising event for a women shelter. It was Trivia Night with silence auction. One of the donated items was a bucket full of "spirit drinks" such as Crown Royal, whiskey, and variety of vodka. I again helped served soda/water and another volunteer took care of the beer. Participants brought their own snacks and any other drinks they prefer. We had about 10 tables and I heard we generated over $3,000 for the shelter.

I should have known that it would be Murphy Law when it comes to me wearing new shoes and being next to a keg of beer. I wrote about an incident at a former workplace when every six months I would get beer on my shoes because someone would pick up his nametag at the registration table where I was standing and the person would manage to knock a bottle of beer over. My vehicle would smell beer the following morning from the shoes, no matter how hard I tried to clean them. This time at the Trivia Night, the other volunteer "accidentally" spilled the beer when he filled up a pitcher. When he turned around to get the paper towel, his elbow pressed again the pump. The beer was dispended on the floor and on my new shoes! Participants started to arrive so I could not spend too much time in the restroom trying to clean up. This time I drove very slow on the way home, so I wouldn't be pulled over and had to explain why I smelled like a drunk. The next day I rolled all the windows in my car down for a few hours to get rid of the "biergarten" smell - not sure I have to do with my shoes, do you have any suggestions?

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