Tuesday, February 07, 2012


The above was one of the painted hardboards with cut-out "faces" on displayed along Delmar Boulevard during the Ice Carnival at the Loop last month. The young people seemed to enjoy this feature the most and had a good time placing their faces behind the openings. A young man got everyone laughing when he purposely placed his face where the female body was and singing in a real high pitch voice. There were a few little kids that needed help from their parents since the openings were too high for them. I always enjoyed seeing parents/grandparents engaging in fun loving activities with their kids/grandkids.

When we first walked pass the above ice sculpture, there was a line of people waiting to take photos with their faces behind the openings. So we kept walking. By the time we came back later, one of the figures was knocked down, perhaps because someone got up close and personal. I decided to include the "broken ice sculpture" image in this Tuesday Two post as it is fitting to what happened after the Superbowl on Sunday. The one standing is Eli and the Giants while Brady and my beloved Patriots fell apart on the ground. Enough about football, I am moving on giving full attention to hockey. Currently, the New York Rangers is leading in the Eastern Conference with 71 points while the #1 team in the Western Conference is my beloved Detroit Red Wings with 72 points. If the playoffs took place today between #1 seeds, these two teams would play against each other. I am not sure if I could take another "my heart is torn" game between my American hometown team and my beloved team!

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