Friday, February 03, 2012


Last Saturday, January 28th, after breakfast and before the Welcome Home Parade scheduled at noon, we went to see The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition. The exhibit has limited engagement and luckly for us it was extended thru February 28, 2012. The building is across from the City Garden in downtown St. Louis. The advertisement reads "Explore the mind of the greatest genius of all time at The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition. Over 60 machines on display, many of which are interactive, the collection features replicas of the major and most striking inventions of the original Renaissance Man."

For someone who is very mechanical challenge and has very limited knowledge when it comes to engineering or how things work, I really enjoyed the exhibit. I am not saying that I had better understanding of these machines. I was simply fascinated by the incredible mind of the man whom I thought became famous just for his paintings of Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. I never knew that he had so many inventions and how he was interested in so many complex subjects. "Approximately 1/3 of his original output has survived. Today, these manuscripts, known as 'Codices of Leonardo da Vinci' are amongst the most valuable books in the world" .

I was never interested in the movie Da Vinci Code but now I might have to watch to movie just to learn more the artist and the man.

Many of the inventions proved that Da Vinci was ahead of the time, many centuries in advance when it came to flying, exploring and building machines to improve working and living conditions.

I thought "de Qaptain" being an engineer would have enjoyed this exhibit. Too bad it was not here last April (2011) and only on display until the end of February this year. Who do you think could be compared to Leonardo de Vinci or modern Leonardo of the 21st century?

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Linus Ly said...

In terms of inventions, Thomas Edison may be comparable to Da Vinci, but then Edison is not known for being artistic, so you got me there, I do not have the answer off the top of my head, aka Google-less.


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