Saturday, February 11, 2012


My husband has been busy working on his winter project. CP is making two stained glass of the Polish eagles to be given to his brother, JB and sister, AG, as an appreciation for taking care of their mother after Pa passed away and also for all the time they spent managing the estate after Ma died. CP is one of seven kids in his family. The oldest brother is in North Carolina, another brother is in Denver (his daughter got married last September in Vail) and we are here in St. Louis. One brother, JB and three sisters all live in Michigan. Somehow most of the duties of taking care of Ma fell on JB and AG shoulders. I hope I don't sound like as if I am saying that taking care of your parents is a burden. I am just saying that JB and AG did most of the heavy loads. In most cultures, particularly the Asian culture, it used to be that parents could expect to be well taken care of in their old age by their children. It is not that simple anymore considering the current economy and how families are scattering all over the country/world. In some cases, the grandparents had to take care of the grandkids because the parents could not provide for the kids.
Stained glass is not an inexpensive hobby. The glass, materials (foil, lead) and tools (carbide glass cutter, soldering iron, just to name a few) are pretty costly. The work is definitely tedious. For each small piece of the pattern (see above photo), you have to score the glass surface, break the glass (that requires a steady hand and precision) using the running pliers. Then you have to wrap the pieces with adhesive backed foil tape. Next you solder all the pieces. The process takes time and patient. The top photo shows the left wing and the body of the eagles were soldered together while pieces of glasses have been cut for the head and part of the right wing but not yet been wrapped with foil tape. Putting together all the pieces and create a final product require a lot more work than I could explain. You could read all the other steps by searching on the web on how to create a stained glass.

CP made the above eagle a few years ago and we proudly display his masterpiece from the window in our dining room. We took a class to learn how to make stained glass about 10 years ago. For class project, I chose to make a tulip and CP made a boat sailing under the bright sun. Later CP also made a panda for me as birthday present. For some reason I never did another project. It could be because I don't have steady hands and don't enjoy tedious work. Do you have any winter projects?

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