Monday, February 27, 2012


I thought the photos of the stainless steel coconut trees from the Home & Garden Show would go nicely with the book, "Cracking the Coconut Code" by Mary Jo McCabe. I saw on the cover that this book provides "7 Insights to Transform Your Life" and the author was "a respected and sought-after-intuitive interpreter. She developed a unique ability to communicate with individual souls, both living and deceased." (Is it sort-of like psychic, palm readers or fortune teller?) Well, I am not really interested in communicate with dead people and after the reading the book, I did not really learn anything that would transform my life. Perhaps it is my limited ability to understand; therefore, you could read the book and decide for yourself.
Below are a few interesting questions and interpretations based on which answer you give, "Which tool do you reach for, a hammer, a saw, a wrench or a screwdrive, to reach goals in your life or to fix problems you are experiencing?" You have to read the book for the interpretations.
Visualize a tree filled with apples. Where do you see yourself in relation to the tree, hugging the trunk of the tree, sitting on one of the branches reaching for an apple or sitting at top of the tree enjoying an apple? Again, you could borrow the book from your local library and find out the insights that might provide understanding of yourself based on which action you choose.

On your mental screen, visualize a backyard and pick what you would rather do, play in the sandbox, sitting on the swing set, or riding the biycle around the block? (I wish there was a question like, which would you choose, going to a Stanley Cup Finals game and meeting your favorite player or a Superbowl game sitting in the first row at the 50-yard seats?).
Please note that I do not receive any commission nor promote this particular book or the field of psychic medium, I am simply sharing with you an interesting book I found at the library. (PS: I am not saying that I read everything in the book either!) Any interesting book you have read lately?

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