Sunday, February 12, 2012


Unlike Da Qaptain who just randomly put together a collage of the license plates, I make an effort to post plates that match in a "meaningful" way. (Actually, not only I am not as tall and good looking as Qap, I am not as smart and very technical challenge. I admit I don't know how to paste the photos together to make a collage.)

What do you think the message from the above license plate? Don't rush me, I am NOT-SLO? Or I refuse to SLO down because I have too much to do? I am smart, so don't say I am SLO? Hey Qap, your suggestion "If you don't have anything to say, say nothing. If you don't have anything to post, post nothing." did not work out too good for a blogger who took your suggestion to heart that he has nothing to wear and he wore nothing to work- haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! (He is currently in St. Louis County jail for indecent exposure in public.)

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Linus Ly said...

People love to drive fast so NOT-SLO is definitely a boast about the speed of the car.

I made the collage using the software called Posterino. It is available for the Mac platform only but there might be similar software for Windoze.


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