Saturday, February 25, 2012


When walking from the parking lot to the store, I almost did not bother getting out my camera to take photo of the above plate "E-COLI". I was glad I did because when I came out of the store after about 30 minutes of shopping, I spotted the plate "TESTA" below. Individually these plates would be too plain, not much to decipher but they seemed to fit together as a statement, "Testing for ecoli".

I am not a supertitious person and I don't believe in someone being a jinx or a person could cause bad luck by saying or doing something either to himself or to somebody. (Well, there are a few exceptions when it comes to hockey players/games!). Perhaps it was simply a coincidence but the week before my husband commented that for 23+ years we have been married, I never had a bad cold. Well, earlier this week I got up with a sore throat, running nose and feeling iffy. It was not a bad cold and did not last long. Although I am feeling much better today, I still said that my husband jinxed me with his comment.

Would you like to decipher what the above plate "UDACHA" stand for? When I first saw it, I thought it was either "ACHU" or "ATCHOO" or "ACHEW". Perhaps it is the owner's last name. I hope it is not a bad word because I don't want the FCC to shut down my blog for violating decency standards!

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